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2177 GSWS 1140 Special Topics 3 cr.  
Class # Session Day/Time/Classroom Subtitle Special Indicators Recitation** Combined Section Enroll Limit Instructor
20419 6W1 MoWe / 06:00 PM-09:15 PM / 02318 CL Introduction to Transgender Studies   No recitation. 19 Beaulieu,Julie R 
This course is an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of transgender studies. The course is first and foremost about trans contributions to our shifting understandings of sex, gender, identity, and the body in theory, culture, art, psychology, science, and activism. Some of the topics we will examine include: the history and emergence of transgender theory, global understandings of trans issues, feminist/queer encounters with trans theories, the politics of trans visibility, and trans lives in film and literature. We will read foundational texts by Sandy Stone, Susan Stryker, Les Feinberg, and Jay Prosser as well as recent work in the field. The course will cover major topics within the discipline, including queer/trans “border wars,” intersectional approaches in trans theory, the various meanings and uses of “trans” in different disciplines, and the relationship between trans theories and existing models of sex, gender, and sexuality. We’ll pay close attention to how transgender studies has challenged and/or enhanced thinking in feminist and queer theory.
PREQ: GSWS 0100 or 0200 or 0500 or 0550 
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