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2171 HIST 1055 History Of Dance 3 cr. MA HS  COM 
Class # Session Day/Time/Classroom Subtitle Special Indicators Recitation** Combined Section Enroll Limit Instructor
26539 AT TuTh / 11:00 AM-12:15 PM / 00230 CL     No recitation. 35 Winerock,Emily Frances 
Does dancing have a history? This course investigates the most popular and controversial dances from the 16th-20th centuries, from the volta to the waltz to the tango to the grind. We will explore how a dance’s initial reception and subsequent development reveal assumptions about class, race, gender, youth culture, sexuality, and the body. The course will focus on social dancing in Europe and North America, but we will also discuss parallel developments in theatrical dance and the significant influence of African dance traditions on western dance. Assignments will include video clips as well as readings. *Concurrent registration in the practicum (HIST 1056) is strongly encouraged but not required.
Frequency of Offering (approximate)
This course is offered at least once a year.
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not applicable

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