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2151 FR 1088 Special Topics 3 cr.  
Class # Session Day/Time/Classroom Subtitle Special Indicators Recitation** Combined Section Enroll Limit Instructor
28929 AT MoWeFr / 11:00 AM-11:50 AM / 00335 CL "French Kiss: Love, Sex, France"   No recitation. 50 Mecchia, Giuseppina 
From kissing to romantic escapades, from Paris to the Riviera, from Tahiti to Marrakesh, France and the Francophone world have a highly recognizable profile in matters of sex and love. Sexual behavior is always culturally inflected, and it evolves through time in its creation of emotions, attachments, families and institutions. In this class, we will adopt a historical lens to retrace the cultural transformations of sex and love in the French cultural and social landscape. We will study contemporary visual and textual materials, and a variety of historical documents from the Middle Ages to the present day. We will address controversial issues such as virginity, adultery, same-sex relationships, women’s sexual agency, gender definitions through sexuality, the shifting boundaries of pornography and other related matters. This is a first-year course open both to incoming and more advanced students. It will count toward the French major and minor. This course is taught in English; no French language required and no prerequisites.
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