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2171 HIST 1056 Hist of Dance Practicum  
Class # Session Day/Time/Classroom Subtitle Special Indicators Recitation** Combined Section Enroll Limit Instructor
29668 Th / 01:00 PM-01:50 PM / G19B CL     15 Winerock, Emily 
This course is the experiential “lab” for HIST 1055 -- you get to learn how to do the dances discussed in the lecture course, from the stately pavane and energetic galliard of Shakespeare’s day to vintage waltz and polka to modern contact improvisation and contemporary hip hop. We will also talk about the historical contexts in which these dances were performed and consider how choreographies and dance floor etiquette reflected and challenged gender expectations, class divisions, and race relations. No prior dance experience is needed, but students are expected to participate fully in all class exercises and activities. *Concurrent or prior registration in the History of Dance lecture course (HIST 1055) is required.
Frequency of Offering (approximate)
This course is offered at least once a year.
SPEN-designated Courses
not applicable

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